July 15, 2018 --- Lexington, KY

1 pm - 4 pm

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Join me for a fan-favorite, Vision Board Workshop. Learn how to define and create your best life with Vision Boards!

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About This Workshop

Vision Boards are simply a visual representation of your dreams and goals. The key is being intentional with how you make them. But, most of the time you have no idea what you actually want with such detail that you can SEE it! This workshop will help you get clear with your vision and create a visual reminder of what you're working for!

My Secret Weapon

When I was 15, Oprah did a show about creating a Vision Board to create your life. I didn't know what I was doing then, but I was willing to try. After years of creating vision boards, I can speak to their truth! I have had CRAZY, exciting and unexpected experiences that have come true from items I've placed on my Vision Board. Y'all... I was literally four rows from Oprah once, and I know in large part because I created the intention to make it happen. This Sh*t Works!!!

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Let's Create Your Future

Since my first Vision Board, I've learned to amp up the outcomes. I've learned how to make it work, and more importantly, I've learned how to be more intentional in the creation of my dreams/goals and how they show up on my vision board. I've helped hundreds of women since then to create the lives they want. Let's work together to get started on your best life!

What's Included:

  • 3 - hour live and in person workshop ( pm - 4 pm)
  • Pre-Workshop workbook
  • Creating Your Vision workbook
  • All materials to create your Vision Board
  • Snacks and drinks (y'all know I love to eat!)
  • A chance to meet and connect with other amazing women
  • A fun time with me, Coach Colene.

All this for just $127!


Vision Boards are a powerful tool I use to create the life I desire. It's not about things, it's about what you want to feel, and who you want to be. Once you get that clarity, you can literally start to see your life unfold in great ways.

I'd love to have you join this class! We'll give you the tools and the time to start living the life you were meant to live. 



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