About Be More Consulting


I’m thrilled you’re interested in working with Be More Consulting!

Our mission is to help individuals and organization realize their full potential through creating experiences that engage, inspire, and produce results. 

Better Work: Whether you’re launching something brand new, taking your existing organization to new heights, or navigating big (or small) changes, we’re here to help plan and achieve success! 

After years of working in Human Resources, we observed that too often in employee training the message is lost in delivery. We knew we could develop a new type of employee training and development that is both informative and engaging. (And a little fun doesn’t hurt!) There’s no reason why attendees can’t leave a training with both tangible applications AND a smile!

We knew we could BE MORE than just an observer.

We could BE MORE than the average trainer.

We could BE MORE than just “meeting expectations” - We could exceed them. And so can you…. 

Better Life: Getting what you want from life starts with intention. Whether you want a new career, better relationships, or knock your goals out of the park, we're here to help you set the intention and take action. 

I've always been fascinated by the honey bee. Did you know that based on their body size and shape they shouldn't fly? Yet, they fly! They defy their odds, limitations, and expectations... That's what I desire for you!

After successfully empowering hundreds of individuals and organizations to lead intentionally and create purpose and profits, my deepest hope is that we’ll be able to help you do the same.

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