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If you're like most people your year may not be as amazing as you imagined on January 1st. You may be shocked that we're half-way through the year, and yet... you still have so many things you want to accomplish. 

It's not too late. You still have time to make this year your best year yet. 

Now is the time to step into your power and give yourself the gift of Summer Sessions with Coach Colene today. If this year has been a bit too long and heavy in your career, business, relationship dynamics, or overall life and you're ready to create the space for letting go of what no longer is serving you…now it’s time to use this Summer to step into your next level greatness!

You deserve expert support and guidance to create the major shifts you crave and start living on purpose. It's the perfect time to create your successful life!

For years, Coach Colene's private 1-on-1 clients have benefited from her powerful and practical ability to open them up to all that’s possible for their BIG next chapter. If you’ve hit a plateau or are going through a transition in life, this 6-week program with Coach Colene will help you discover exactly what’s next and what’s possible for you.

Summer Sessions is a 6-week group coaching experience designed to help to set and achieve a big goal, build momentum, and learn the best tricks and tips to keep smashing your goals throughout the rest of the year.

Summer Sessions is a small group experience (only 20 people) so you'll get lots of personalized attention, and wins along the way.

You pick one BIG goal you're ready to start working on, and we'll work together to help you make a plan and see your goal become a reality. You'll have weekly check-ins on Mondays and Fridays and we'll help you work through any roadblocks that may come up. 

It's all about accountability! 

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Summer Sessions starts June 17th and runs for six full awesome weeks. Each week you'll be given the focus you need to make progress on your goal. 

What can happen in 6 weeks?

  • Confidence gained

  • Momentum to keep going

  • Find a new job

  • Check things off your To-Do list

  • Find a new sense of purpose

  • Get sh*t done

  • Build new supportive relationships

  • Win prizes

  • Have fun

  • and more...

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You don’t have to figure out the biggest questions in your life, relationships and career alone. For women who are ready to step into their greatness this Summer, Coach Colene has opened up 10 spots in Summer Sessions, to work on getting to the core of YOU, whether that’s career opportunities, relationship goals, or just getting it together so you feel less overwhelmed. 

This is your time to focus on you. If you’re ready to make major leaps in any area of your life, give yourself the gift of Summer Sessions time with Coach Colene this summer.

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If you've ever wanted to work with me, this is by far the best and most affordable offer I've ever made.


It's summer... and maybe I've eaten a little too much ice cream, and that's making me feel extra generous.


Actually, it's because I don't want you to beat yourself up at the end of the year with all you "could have done". I want you to be successful, and I want to offer something at a pricepoint that's more affordable to reach more people.

You'll get 6 weeks of coaching, a supportive group environment and never have to leave the comfort of your own home. This virtual group coaching experience is a win-win!

Summer Sessions
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