An Interview With Cara Awill Leyba


It all started when…

I stumbled on her Instagram page (@thechampagnediet) ...

Who is this woman?

What does she have to say?

What does champagne have to do with anything?

Turns out, a whole lot!

I've been following Cara for close to two years now, and to say she's incredible would be an understatement! She's confident. She knows her stuff, and she's just 100% authentic to herself!

I sat down to interview her about her new book Like She Owns The Place. Y'all, I read a pre-release copy and I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!!!

It covers everything... confidence, beauty, friendships, and a whole host of other topics! What I love most is she give you exercises to build your confidence muscle the whole way through!

I can't wait for you all to see this interview, but I really can't wait for you all to read this book! Book Club, anyone?!?

Watch the interview and tell me, what was your biggest takeaway?


Pick up her new book at:

Instagram: @thechampagenediet