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EmpowHER is...

A transformative 9 month program for any woman who wants to feel more empowered in her life and her work.

EmpowHER is:

• a way to fully leverage your talented women employees, ensuring that their best ideas, insights, and strengths are being brought forth and utilized

• a training that participants not only apply to themselves, but that they can pass on to the women they mentor, coach and manage

• a vehicle for creating a more robust women’s network and more effective women’s mentoring relationships within your organization


An entirely unique program created and taught by expert on women’s leadership and workplace culture, Colene Elridge.

A 9 month women’s leadership and professional development journey.

A face-to-face experience designed to build lasting relationships, support, and encouragement.

EmpowHER is a 9-month, face-to-face, transformational women’s leadership experience. Designed for business leaders, entrepreneurs and community leaders, EmpowHER grows women’s confidence, ambition and impact by cultivating their skills in such critical leadership areas as interpersonal communication, public speaking, coaching, facilitation, difficult conversations, persuasion and negotiation. Through its holistic and skill-based leadership development programming, practical coursework and extraordinary opportunities for quality relationship building and mentorship, EmpowHER graduates leave the program equipped to advance their careers, scale their businesses and make significant positive impact in their companies and communities.


EmpowHER's curriculum is: 

Hands-on practical training in skills for leadership, communication, negotiation, performing at your top level. 

Tackling the inner work to help you create a clearer vision, overcome fears, end procrastination, and lead with grace.

Supportive and dynamic community of creative, extraordinary women ready to support each other in their EmpowerHER journey. These are life-long friendships. 

EmpowHER Sponsorship

Do you believe in empowering women to lead? Interested in being a sponsor of EmpowHER? We'd love to have your support! Sponsorship opportunities are available. 


My experiences in Human Resources shaped my view of work and leadership. Over the years I've worked with and coached amazing and talented women who truly could not see their own light... they couldn't see that they were capable of leading at a higher level, and leading differently. 

The research is clear, when women lead, organizations win! Not just in the "feel good" areas, but with their bottom-line. The problem, as I see it is women are not taught to lead from their strengths. Instead, women are taught a hyper-masculine model of leadership that simply doesn't work for them.

I'm not a man, nor do I want to act like one...

I recognized, after years of leading a nationally recognized leadership program that something was missing. There was an information gap between what skills women needed to learn and the skills they were being taught. 

I saw women graduate after two years, and still lack the confidence to step into a high-level leadership position. I recognized what they needed was true empowerment. 

Sadly, I also recognized that I felt the exact same way as many of the women I've worked with. When I launched my business, I faced the doubt, the voice of worry, and the lack of feeling worthy of the business I was desperately trying to build. 

Then I remembered this quote from Jack Canfield,

"You are not given a dream unless you have the capacity to fulfill it!"

I finally saw that I was given the dream so that I could become the woman to fulfill it! 

Mission On!

I did the inner work, the skills work, and the work work to become the woman you see today.

I want to see women leading with men in positions where they can bring their unique talents, views, and insights. I want to see the EmpowHER'd woman speaking openly, leading with confidence, and changing workplaces... changing the world. 

Old models of leadership are just that... OLD! What we need now is a new kind of leadership. One that is vision-driven, heart-centered, and communication driven. Leadership that recognizes the true value of any organization is their people. 

I've seen first hand how when women are given an opportunity to thrive, they rise to the occasion. I know the benefit of creating communities and opportunities for women to support each other in developing the skills they need to lead. I want nothing more than to create that opportunity for women, and see them shine. 

This is more than program. This is a chance to change your life!

Will you join us?


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How it works?

EmpowHER is a face-to-face hands-on learning experience. Transformation takes time, so you won't see a "quick fix" approach here.

EmpowHER includes:

  • 9 Incredible Months - There is no time wasted in this program. It was designed based off of feedback from 100 women about the challenges they face in leadership. EmpowHER maximizes transformation by creating a safe environment to practice skills, gain confidence, and create support systems.
  • 20 Smart, Successful Women -  You will not be lost in the crowd, and you will get lots of personalized attention. Women from all sectors are encouraged to apply for EmpowHER. This is a unique opportunity to gain insight from different perspectives and backgrounds. 
  • 1-on-1 Coaching With ColeneThroughout the 9 months, you will have three one-hour private coaching calls with Colene to explore what you’re creating in your career/business and life. We’ll detangle self-doubt & strategize for stepping into your vision of success. Holistic focus. Confident clarity. Purposeful action.

  • Weekly Small Group Calls + Accountability - The experience will be divided into smaller groups for in-depth support, cheerleading and accountability. Imagine a small group of women, rallying in support of your cause for nine months. 

  • World Class ExpertsHave you ever wanted to “pick her brain”? We are surrounded by amazing women leaders. Each month we’ll hear from a woman who’s leading on her own terms. These conversations are meant to engage and inspire you to take bold action. Ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Hear from the women leading the way.

  • After-hours - This is the cherry on top! I’ve found some women that I love to teach us all those extra things: how to make a great cocktail, how to do a smoky-eye, fashion for the workplace and more.

  • Monthly Challenges - This is where the magic happens. You will take the skills you’ve learned and apply them.


Results You Can Count On:After EmpowHER...

  • Take bolder action and reach more people with your work
  • Feel more confident in everything you do
  • Master speaking with clarity and confidence
  • Stop doubting your skill sets... Say good-bye to the imposter syndrome
  • Learn to trust your intuition
  • Feel less dependent on the approval of others — at work AND in your personal life
  • Deal with the criticism that comes with doing important or innovative work
  • Set and achieve goals with ease... GET SH*T DONE! 
  • Feel more comfortable with challenging conversations and work relationships
  • Negotiate like a BOSS
  • Stop the, "just" syndrome... no need to undermine your value 
  • Kick your inner fear in the behind
  • Have an amazing group of women supporting you every step of the way... these are lifetime friendships built out of common experience, mutal respect, and support. 

EmpowHER Curriculum


Month One: Define Your Legacy + Vision + Values

Month Three: High Impact Communication

Month Two: Build Your Leadership Tool Box

Month Six: Breaking Through Challenging Situations

Month Four: Communication In Action

Month Five: Negotiation Skills + Conflict Resolution Skills

Month 7: Self-Care + Boundaries + Rejection

Month 9: Everything’s Changing, Now What?

Month 8: Time + Productivity + Delegation


We'll celebrate our success over the nine months. 


EmpowHER Investment

EmpowHER is an investment in your future. The total investment for the program is $3500. There are several payment options designed to make this as affordable as possible. 

Interested is your employer sponsoring your enrollment? Here's a sample letter for you to use to ask for their support.

EmpowHER is for you if...

  • You want to feel empowered through the work and impact you're making. 
  • You don't know your next steps, scared of "being seen" or you need guidance on being a leader in your own life.
  • You feel stuck in your ability to make a bigger impact.
  • You are looking for a group of women to support you to be your very best self.
  • You want practical, tangible, and heartfelt tools, resources, and learning to help you move to the next level.
  • You like to have fun, laugh, and learn new skills along the way.